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Employee Productivity Tracking

All too often productivity is lost due to people not knowing what tasks they have to accomplish. This results in dampened profitability and increased stress among the work force. Super Easy CRM allows people the ability to view all the tasks they need to complete. No need to consult a whiteboard or sticky note! Plan your day accordingly to make the most of your precious time.

Online To Do List

Time Management Tools



100% Completed



75% Sold



25% Resolved



50% Completed

Workflow Management

Never miss a deadline with our innovative workflow management tool. Tasks can be asssigned and assessed a priority. From there, you can monitor the workflow around the clock to ensure business operations are running smoothly.

Name Task Priority Status Date Assigned
Malcolm X Give Ballet or Bullet speech. Urgent Complete 4/3/1964
Martin Luther King Give I Have a Dream speeach. Urgent Complete 8/28/1963
W.E.B DuBois Get a PhD. Medium Complete 8/20/1895
Matt Irving Create Super Easy CRM! High Complete 11/1/2019
Matt Irving Play Minecraft. Low In Progress 11/26/2022

Create re-usable project templates!

Super Easy CRM's project management tool allows to create projects with an unlimited number of tasks. And unlike other CRM products out there, you won't need to re-create all those tasks each time. Our porject templates store all the projects information AND its associated tasks.

Simply create the template and launch it as many times as you need to!

Effective Time Management


Status:  In Progress

Start Date:  1/1/2021

End Date:  3/31/2021

Progress:  89%

Budget: 15% of 100 used so far


Milestones Tasks Tickets Events
15 22 13 9



Migrate our company data from our old CRM to a super easy, affordable one.


Our company needs to move away from sticky notes, spreadsheets and other inefficient means of housing and presenting data. Super Easy CRM will provide us with the flexibility we need to tackle an ever growing list of issues and industry demands.


You don't need to invest a lot of money to get the functionality your company deserves. Plans start at $10 per user per month!

Department Management With One Click

Keep the entire department informed and engaged by providing a centralized place for the team to extract information vital to their job functions. Store job aids, workflows, tasks and tickets all in one super easy to access place.

Lean Six Sigma



View all tasks Sales is working on.



View all workflows associated with Finance.



View all tickets that have been assigned to Legal.


Job Aids

View all job aids created for Engineering.


Reports and business insight on demand

Put that spreadshet down! Transform that gigantic Excel workbook into a scalable, web based, modern tech solution.


Realtime Task Status Updates

Set tasks statuses to let teammates and supervisors know when tasks are complete or you're in need of help. Supervisors will receive alerts of when you are in need of assistance, so you don't have keep messaging them.

Supervisor Alert Queue

Name Task Priority Status
Remote Work CRM Collaboration Medium Needs Help!
Salesforce Alternative Contact and Lead Management High Needs Help!


Store Policies and Create Job Aids

Create and store job aids and company policies. Employees will be able to access the instructions they need to complete the job without consulting a bulky manual or constantly calling their supervisor. Our tool empowers employees to work indepently which in turn increases employee morale, decreases operational costs, and reduces errors.

electronic job aids


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