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Cloud Productivity Software

The world's first productivity CRM is here for you whether freelancing or running a small business. Stay productive and automate tedious tasks so you can get back to what truly matters in life.

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Fun industries I specialize in

Etsy Sales

Track your Etsy sales, customers, and campaign results in the same place you store your project information. Simplify operations so you can focus on selling.


Consignment Software

Track profitability and inventory for your products as well as trade-in values. Unlease the full power of CRM by tracking touchpoints of your best customers.


Content Creation

Yes, bloggers can use a CRM. How do I know? Well, I'm a blogger myself! Store page rankings, potential backlinks, and campaign results all in one easily accesible spot.


CRM with Project Task Duplication

Build your project template once and re-use it for additional projects to ensure your project's success.

Update multiple projects at once by broadcasting new tasks to existing projects.

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Boost Your Work Productivity

Track issues with your customers to increase retention rates while reducing the team's stress. Do more with the time you have so work does not spill over into the next day.

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Perfect for Bloggers and Content Creators

Track your engagements, likes, and views in your CRM.

It's also a great place to store your target keywords, campaign results, and backlink profiles.


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There are thousands of CRM systems out there for you to choose from. Many will try and lock you into a trial that forces you to give up your credit card info.

I don't want to cheat you or overcharge you, so feel free to take a 30 day trial of Super Easy CRM without providing any billing info.

If your budget is tight but you need a better way to manage your contacts and projects, sign up for the Free Forever tier. You won't ever be charged and there is no data cap.

If you have a suggestion or need some help getting started, DM me on Twitter @devmatt954.