Excel invoice template

Author: Matt Irving

Published: 4/13/2021

Tool for Entrepreneurs

Invoicing is a crucial part of running any business. To be successful, you'll want to have a standardized way of letting your clients know excatly what they are being charged for. This customizable template will provide you with all the fields you need to properly invoice your clients. There are a number of applications available that handle this process for you. However, they typically charge a subscription fee and are normally part of larger application that has features you may not need. A simpler and cheaper alternative would be to use Microsoft Excel to generate the invoice for you.

With an Excel template, you can ensure a repeastable process for each invoice. Spreadsheets are also easily modified. In most cases, you won't need to employ the services of a developer or analyst to make most changes. Enjoy this free invoice template by clicking the button below.