Which stores and gas stations do cash back?

stores with cash back

Getting cash back at your local gas station or department store has numberous advantages over driving to an ATM or waiting in line at a bank. Here are some of the main advantages.

  • No ATM Fees: If you are getting cash from an ATM that isn't run by your bank, you will incur a fee.

  • Save time: You can pick up milk or gas while pulling out lunch money for your kids.

  • Cash Back Opportunities: Use your credit card for gas to maximize your cash back rewards and debit card at the register for cash withdrawls.

Here are some frequently asked questions about cash back and some of the best gas stations and stores to get it from.

Does 7-Eleven Do Cash Back

7-Eleven offers cash back with any purchase, allowing customers to withdraw cash while shopping for daily essentials. At most, you'll be able to withdraw $10 - $15 depending on the store.

Does Family Dollar Do Cash Back

Family Dollar provides cash back services at the register, offering a convenient way to get cash during regular shopping trips. I've seen some stores with limits as high as $50 while others offer $20 or less.

Does Wawa Do Cash Back

Wawa offers cash back to customers, making it easy to withdraw cash while purchasing groceries or fuel. As with many gas stations, the limit is generally under $20.

Target Cash Back Limit

Target provides cash back with a typical limit of around $40, enabling customers to access small amounts of cash conveniently.

Gas Stations That Do Cash Back

What Gas Stations Do Cash Back: Major gas stations like Shell and ExxonMobil offer cash back services, ideal for quick cash withdrawals on the road.

Does Speedway Do Cash Back

Speedway provides cash back at their locations, allowing customers to obtain cash while stopping for gas or snacks. The limit is generally under $20 depending on the location.

Does target do cash back

Yes, the friendly people at Target can give you $75 - $100 cash back depending on the store.

Does Wal-Mart do cash back

Yes, and it is the highest amount of all department stores and gas stations at $100 per transaction. Just be mindful of requesting $100 early in the morning as some registers may not have this amount on hand.

Stores That Do Cash Back with Apple Pay

Stores like Walgreens and Best Buy offer cash back with Apple Pay, catering to customers who prefer digital wallet transactions.

To make life a little easier, here is a list of stores and gas stations that offer cash back and their approximate limits.

Location Approx Cash Back Limit Type
Family Dollar$50Store
Wawa$50Gas Station/Store
ShellVariesGas Station
ExxonMobilVariesGas Station
Speedway$40Gas Station
Best Buy$200Store
ChevronVariesGas Station
Buc-ee'sVariesGas Station/Store
RaceTracVariesGas Station
Circle KVariesGas Station/Store
Dollar General$40Store
Home Depot$50Store

If you're interested in how you can earn cash back from your credit cards, check out my cash back calculator to maximize your earning potential.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 1/29/2024