How Much RAM do I need?

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To determine the amount of RAM you need, take the minimum recommended RAM for most resource-demanding project and add an extra 8GB. So, if you play Fortnite, which has a minimum RAM recommendation of 8GB, purchase 16GB for your laptop.

The extra 8GB of RAM will allow your computer to run some extra Chrome tabs, play music in the background, or leave a session of Visual Studio code running in the background.

In addition, having the extra RAM will keep you from having to upgrade as often. This is especially true for us who purchase Macbooks or any other laptop with soldered, non-removable RAM.

How much ram do I need for gaming?

For most 3D games, you will need a minimum of 8GB of RAM for it to run smoothly. Though, you can probably get away with 4GB if you play 2D games like Coromon or Yu-Gi-Oh.

If you plan on gaming on your computer, its best to buy a Windows machine. Steer away from Macbooks as they are expensive and have a small library of games you can play.

The RAM on Apple machines is also soldered to the motherboard, making it impossible to upgrade. So, anytime your needs changes you'll have to shell out several thousand dollars on the new machine as opposed to a few hundred for RAM sticks on a Windows machine.

To take some of the guesswork out of the process, I've included a free RAM calculator below. To get started, enter fill out the fields below and click the calculate button.

How Much RAM Do I need Calculator

Is 8GB enough for a MacBook Pro

With the latest round of M3 Macbook Pros, Apple released a sleough of configurations. There are Macbooks with RAM options from 8gb to 128gb, each with wildly expensive price tags.

If you are a casual user who mostly accesses web-based applications like Super Easy CRM and uses spreadsheets and word processing apps, then an 8gb MacBook Pro is more than enough for you. You might even get away with a moderately powerful Chromebook.

My wife is a nursing student who's workflow primarily consists of writing obscenely long papers, browsing the web for information, and going Power Point presentations. And as you'd imagine, she has at least 20 - 30 tabs open in Chrome or Safari at any given moment.

I bought her the M1 Macbook Pro with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. She has used the laptop for years now and has never once complained about performance or a lack of storage.

With its long battery life, minimal heat, and gourgeous screen, its the perfect laptop for her. Remember, the amount of RAM needed will always depend on the person. You don't always need the latest CPU and highest specs to get your work done.

Is 18GB enough for a programmer?

Yes, 18GB of unified memory is enough to handle most software development-related tasks. I'm a web developer who primarily writes code in Python and PHP. Often, I'll have Visual Studio Code running, about 20 or so Google Chrome tabs, a MySQL Server, a SQL Server 2017 instance up, and Youtube in the background.

This is my daily set up, and my 18GB Macbook Pro with an M3 Pro chip handles this flawlessly. I do, however, often wonder if I should've just went with the 36GB option with the M3 Max but I simply don't need it.

I must constantly remind myself that the extra two or three grand that I'd end up spending would be better served elsewhere. I could take an extra vacation, throw it into a high-yield savings account, or lease a car.

Apple products are too expensive, and the economy is too unstable to spend thousands on the tech that you don't absolutely need.

Buy smart, and get the RAM need for your workflow

Whether you're buying a Macbook, Windows laptop, or a Chromebook closely examine your computing needs before heading out to purchase an expensive device. RAM is only one part of what needs to be considered when buying a device.

Make sure you are comforable with the battery life, keyboard, and support options before swiping your credit card. Bookmark this article and use the How Much Ram Do I Need Calculator whenever you're considering a new machine.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 04/13/2024