Alternatives to Project Management

Another name for projects

There are some people, particularly in the C-Suite that loathe hearing the word project. This disdain is liklely shaped by failed projects in the past that have resulted in blown budgets and lost productivity. Truth be told, they aren't completely wrong, many companies have been 'projected' to death and would rather not deal with scoping, procuring resources, and sitting through hours of pointless meetings.

This, of course, doesn't mean projects aren't needed but if you want to get them approved and funded, they'll need to be pitched using more palatable terms. Here is a list of tried and true terms that can be used when you need another word for project management.

Words that mean the same as project management

  • Initiative Management
  • Program Coordination
  • Strategic Execution
  • Task Leadership
  • Operational Oversight
  • Workflow Administration
  • Process Facilitation
  • Implementation Planning
  • Resource Coordination
  • Change Management
  • Execution Oversight
  • Development Leadership
  • Program Administration
  • Task Organization
  • Performance Administration
  • Operational Leadership
  • Development Coordination
  • Project Coordination
  • Task Management
  • Activity Leadership
  • Execution Management
  • Action Oversight
  • Process Management
  • Resource Management
  • Program Leadership
  • Task Execution
  • Operational Execution
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Planning and Control
  • Business Coordination
  • Project Facilitation
  • Project Implementation
  • Goal Management
  • Outcome Leadership
  • Activity Coordination
  • Operational Facilitation
  • Performance Coordination
  • Task Facilitation
  • Plan Execution
  • Strategy Coordination
  • Execution Coordination
  • Performance Leadership
  • Resource Leadership
  • Resource Facilitation
  • Process Coordination
  • Program Facilitation
  • Action Coordination
  • Activity Management
  • Task Oversight

Of these terms my go-to when speaking to decision makers who are suffering from C.P.F, also known as chronic project fatigue is workflow administration. This is a great term for a couple reasons, one the word project is gone and two worflow translates to constant movement.

To most in the C-Suite movement equates to productivity which in turns means more money. This stands in sharp contrast to projects which some deem as money suckers. Workflow administration functions similar to project management in that you'll need to manage tasks, people, and milestones.

The only difference is that there is no definite end date. The tasks and milestones will continue to be hit and just gradually fade away over time. Now, the best way for you to implement this alternative to project management is not force feed it into a spreadsheet like some type of cave man. Instead, use a web based tool that was designed for this exact situation.

Use Super Easy CRM to manage workflows

Super Easy CRM is a web based application that enables users to manage projects and administer workflows seamlessly within the same platform. It all starts in the Workflow module depicted in the screenshot below.

creating a workflow in Super Easy CRM

Here you'll create and link all your related tasks together. It is here that you'll start assigning different members of the workflow initiative their duties. It's a very quick and light weight way to pull a group of talented individuals together to achieve a common objective.

To help you keep things organized you can take things a step further and assemble a Task Force in Super Easy CRM. A task force is to a worflow what a project team is to a project. Within the Task Force/Department module you can do capacity planning and monitor workloads so everyone is performing optimally.

Become the anti-project manager your clients need today

People need an organized, scalable way to make their businesses better and keep customers coming in. As a project manager you can manage budgets and still deliver on time for stakeholders. With the right project management collaboration tools you can achieve anything.

Matt Irving is the CEO of Super Easy Tech, LLC.
Matt is the CEO of Super Easy Tech and creator of Super Easy CRM. He is a passionate software engineer, tech blogger, and gamer. Feel free to connect on any of the platforms listed below.

Posted by: Matt Irving on 6/09/2024