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Calculate your holiday pay easily with our Holiday Pay Calculator. Just enter your current pay, pay type, and the increase you expect for the holiday. It's quick and user-friendly!

How is Holiday Pay Calculated?

Holiday pay is typically calculated based on your current pay rate and the type of pay increase you receive for holidays. This could be a percentage increase or a fixed dollar amount per hour. Enter your details below in my holiday pay rate calculator to see your estimated holiday pay.

Understanding Holiday Pay Calculations

Holiday pay calculations can vary depending on your employment terms and local laws. Typically, they're based on your regular pay rate and the hours worked during the holiday.

For many, holiday pay is calculated at a higher rate than the standard pay rate. This is often referred to as 'time-and-a-half' or 'double time'.

Time-and-a-Half Calculation

Time-and-a-half means you receive 1.5 times your regular hourly rate. For instance, if your regular pay is $20 per hour, your holiday pay would be $30 per hour.

This rate is commonly used for holidays and sometimes for overtime hours. It's designed to compensate for working during special days.

Double Time Calculation

Double time is when your holiday pay rate is twice your regular hourly rate. So, if you usually earn $20 per hour, under double time, you would earn $40 per hour.

This rate is less common than time-and-a-half but is used in some industries or under specific union contracts for holidays or extremely long shifts.

Calculating Total Holiday Pay

To calculate your total holiday pay, multiply your hourly rate by the number of hours worked, and then by the pay multiplier (1.5 for time-and-a-half or 2 for double time).

For example, working 8 hours at a regular rate of $20 with a time-and-a-half multiplier gives you a total of $240 for the day.

Factors Influencing Holiday Pay

Factors like employment type (full-time/part-time), industry standards, and specific company policies can influence how your holiday pay is calculated.

It's important to understand your employer's policy on holiday pay and any relevant labor laws in your region to ensure you're compensated fairly.


Understanding how holiday pay is calculated can help you plan your finances better, especially during holiday seasons. Always check your employment contract for specific details.

My Holiday Pay Calculator is designed to help you estimate your pay for working during holidays, considering various pay rates and multipliers.

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